Brazilian / chest / legs / bikini
Brazilian Bikini……..$75*
45 minutes
A thin line of hair left on top or nothing at all including the inside of the butt cheeks.
Full Arm……..$45 and up*
60 minutes
Shoulders to wrists including hands. Results are strikingly smooth.
Lip…….$8 and up*
15 minutes
Hair removal of the upper lip.
Stomach……..$20 and up*
30 minutes
From your belly button to the top of your panty line.
Eye Brow Grooming………$15 and up*
15 minutes
Let me clean up your brows with wax and possibly some tweezing. The brows frame the face and are definitely a focus point.
Chest Wax………$45*
15 minutes
Get that smooth sexy summer look without the hassle of being hairy.
Basic Bikini…….$40*
30 minutes
Old fashioned panty line wax. For those that are a little more conservative. This can be a nice illusion of length to your legs.
Chin……..$10 and up*
15 minutes
Total removal of those hairs you can feel, but can never quite pluck.
Full Leg…….$60*
45 minutes
Tops of thighs to ankles and toes.
Sides of Face………$15*
30 minutes
Sideburn type of hair growth removed giving you a whole new look to the shape of your face. Highlights your profile beautifully.
Under Arms……..$20*
15 minutes
Removal of the under arm hairs… Allow for at least 1/4 inch of growth.
Men’s Back Wax……..$45 and up*
30 minutes
Tidy up that back area because summer is here! Everybody wants to show off that beach body without excess hair.
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